Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am not even kidding, at my house, when it rains it pours stupidness. First off, I had to go to the doctor, uninsursured, the other night because my ear was hurting pretty bad. Both my husband and I thought it was an ear infection. Turns out I have a swollen jaw joint. (TMD) I bite my nails allllll the time and 90% of the time unconsciously clench my jaw all day and night. So the stress of my life has finally caught up with me. I realized two things about that trip to the doc. First, I have even more compassion for my sweet baby boy. You do feel really vulnerable sitting up on that bed. Second, I am not handling my life as well as I thought I was. Then our Mac hard drive sucked it up. Of course we didn't have it backed up. Pray I can recover our pictures from it. Tomorrow is/was surgery for Edward. Middle of the fricking summer and he is SICK. Are you kidding me? Nope. I DON'T want to reschedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo annoyed. Everyone in my house is sick. Not a terrible sick just an annoying sick, you know? Can't decide if I should cancel. Pray, anyways, that surgery goes well. In ten minutes we have a lady coming to do an evaluation on Edge. We have to go through bologna again to get good pt/ot/speech therapies for him. Don't get me started on this. Stupid moving. Can't post a pic.

Monday, July 16, 2012


It has been ages since I last blogged!
Well, in fourteen months we have moved twice and been through four (coming up on five) surgeries, and countless trips back and forth to Seattle along with countless casting. That is crazy/tiring to even think about!
We moved. It was definitely an adventure. We were sad to leave but excited to start a real job. After seven hours in the car and a flat tire, we finally made it to our house and did a walk-thru. My pants were soaking wet and the house was filthy dirty. We were sooo upset! I guess the carpets had JUST been cleaned minutes before we pulled up. So we stayed at a hotel that night. After some text messages to the leasing agent, we decided to pull up our sleeves and do some hard labor ourselves. Ugh. It was soo freaking nasty. The leasing agency has been a nightmare. BUT, we love the house.
The Fourth of July was nice. After an ER visit with Edward, he had bloody vomit, I got back home to have fireworks literally in our front yard. I have never been in a city where fireworks are legal.
I feel like so much has happened that I can't even remember.
Recently I have been on a freezer meal kick.
Edward has lost weight and weighs in, WITH his AFO's on, at 11.8 lbs.
tiny shoes

loved his sucker

all his casting glory

love love love

hair cut makes him look older
Edwards has had massively hard poops which was the underline cause for the ER trip. The X-ray showed his backup. So he has been on miralax and will most likely be seeing a GI doc in the near future.b
Edward is talking more. Copying more. Has more attitude.
He waves hi.
He seriously thinks he is hilarious.
His spine brace is making weight gain a challenge. That needs to change.