Friday, December 7, 2012

Scenario A:
We are at the mall playing in the kid area with slides letting Edward go down the slide all by himself. He is LOVING it! Giggling like crazy. A lady sees him and stops by the wall of the play area and asks if he is special needs. We are like uh, yeah while continuing to play. She loudly tells us that her daughter is special needs and demands, "let me see him." Shocked at the audacity of this lady, I ignore her while shielding Edward. I fought my urge to show her my special bird finger. And my husband almost punched her in the face.

Scenario B:
The boys and I are at Costco scouting the books and toys. A lady walks up to us and tells me that Edward is the cutest baby in the world. I thank her for her kind words and she continues by saying that he is just such a precious blessing from God. I say yes yes he his! She dotes on H for a minute too. Then she tells me her daughter, who is now 24, has cerebral palsy and has seizures and stuff. She tells me that doctors told them that she would never walk but that God was soo good. She said that when her daughter was seven years old she gave her life to the Lord and two days later she started walking. Tears are rolling at Costco.

So! Edward had his sleep study early November and I just found out the results. Not terrible news. But he is borderline for his oxygen intake at night and he stops breathing two times every hour. (apnea) Given his anatomy of his neck, nose and chest they will want to take his tonsils out which means another surgery, of course. They will want to put him on oxygen at night, but very little. So we shall see.
Night of sleep study
Oh. my. goodness. Edward is suuuuch a nut! He is talking lots more. Telling me stories that I can't understand! and he has been in timeout multiple times. I love my boys. They are beyond crazy! H has been such a great brother! He will give Edward his milk when he is crying, get me diapers, make him laugh uncontrollably and get really mad when I put Edward in timeout! They love each other sooo much, it melts my heart! But they are also massive butt-heads.
Edward standing at therapy...cutest spongebob butt ever!

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