Thursday, March 28, 2013

New post!

First a couple words.
Shout out to North Dakota for standing up for the unborn! No abortions past six weeks. That is a huge success in these sucky social times. I heard a stat semi recently. Planned Parenthood, last year, killed 996,000 babies and for every murder made $314 from tax paying citizens. Sick.
Marriage is between a man and a women. It is not for homosexuals to tell me how to describe marriage to my children. If you want to make homosexual decisions then obviously you are free to. I am not going to exclude you from my tea party, in fact you would make it fun. I am just sick of people not saying what is right for fear of offending. Well, I don't care. If you think I am a bigot or a intolerant hater for having this opinion, then stop reading. But, in effect wouldn't that make you the intolerant hater?  I can have my truth just like you can have yours. Deal with it. AND I think we should have heterosexual parades. It is time to stick up for God's intelligent design i.e. man and women i.e. procreation.
Back to Edward.
Video One:

Video Two:

cheeto monster in his chair
more cheetos 
better idea of chair
PS....he has dropped a pound due a very long lasting cold. throws up every night and sometimes morning. not fun


  1. Can I just say Thank You for stating this opinion!!! I am sooo sick of listening to the debate! I even just thought to myself today, "what's the point in even having an opinion? The gays aren't going to leave this alone and will eventually win so why even both any more?..." But after reading your comments it reminds me that EVEN if they are going to "win" doesn't mean we need to back down and take it. What you say is true. Man and women. Period. Edward is adorable!!

  2. THANK YOU for posting this. It isn't just gay people who are being so intolerant right now. For me, the attacks and aggression has come from straight people! Tired of it.

  3. Hooray for you!! And thank you for posting this. I was beginning to think that I was one of the only people in the world that felt the way you do. Love the latest pics of your adorable Edward. Have a blessed day!!

  4. Thanks ladies for the encouragement to say what is right! And thank you for the sweet words about Edward!