Monday, October 10, 2011


Yay for my sweet Edward! He is out of casts for awhile! This morning they put splints on him! Poor guy was soo tired and mad that they were messing with his feet like that. Then he had three shots. Poor baby. I am so excited! I get to put pants on him! I love it! (That was last Friday.) Here is a video of Edward's sweet ability! It is short, sorry.

look at that face

sweet smile, evidence of him eating some food!

drool monster
With the new found freedom from casts, I have decided to move Edward along. Treat him like the soon-to-be six month old he is. So, we have started him on some rice cereal. I have been putting him in his little bouncy chair so he can work on his head control and trunk control. Even though he is still in newborn clothes, which I secretly love, I need to start treating him like a six month old. Freak, I love him. He is just a rock star.

I want to show off my quilt. I just finished it and am sooo happy with it! Well, that's all for now.
Edward's quilt

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  1. Go EDWARD!!! And awesome quilt..maybe someday when I have kids you can show me how