Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have wanted to tackle my title for quite some time now. A faith like Job. What ‘a faith like Job’ means to me is a steadfast, unfailing, love and trust in God. When I first read through the book of Job, I fell in love with it. I thought Job was the coolest because God tested him and he came through! How awesome is that? I feel like whenever I am ‘tested’ I fail miserably. (I don’t like to think God tests us but maybe He does.) But as I read and reread Job, it becomes more clear to me how funny/human Job is. In the first part of the book, Job handles his disasters with class. Then as the book progresses he get more sassy/sarcastic, like WTF? He questions God and almost challenges God as saying he could do a better job with the world. In Job’s defense he was blameless, upright and very undeserving. Plus!, throughout all his sufferings, Job had “friends’ that kept spewing their righteous thoughts of God and why he was suffering. If I were Job, I would have punched my “friends” in the face and defriended them on facebook. Job seriously became so real to me. Here he is suffering trying to hold his head high and love God through it all, still asking God why him, all the while having stupid friends on his back. Frick, I am annoyed for him right now.
There is so much I don’t understand about God and why things happen. I am not going to lie, I asked God why many times when I was pregnant and even after Edward was born. Sometimes I still find myself asking why. But I always said why not? I just know that God is sooo much greater then what is in my capacity of knowing. I certainly wasn’t there when He was making the world. “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements?” Job 38:4,5. I just know that all my questions will be answered when I get to heaven.
During the worst time of it all for me was during Christmas time. I was super bitter and angry at God. For reals. It was bad. On the way to visit family I read this: “Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.”” John 9:1-3 I can smile/cry and have an inkling of understanding. I think a child-like faith is needed when searching for understanding.

Edward loving the lake!
Edward still needs a lot of prayers. Please pray every morning, noon or night that the Lord will heal his body. Plead with Jesus to heal every part of him and that he can be the highest functioning boy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The song..

Here is the song! (I think...I am not confident that I would know it because I was only able to listen to a bit of it. Keep the suggestions coming!) Thank you so much Tiffany!


Edward is To-Die-For! (I can't figure out how to post to blogger so here is the link.) Watch and smile!

In other news, check out Edward's progress! Isn't he!! I think so! If we can keep getting progress on his feet then I will wait as many hours at Shriners as I need! Yes, more hours of waiting just to get recast. So not cool.
10th cast
11th cast
terrible pic but you get the jist
Oh! Guess what! Edward won a mamaRoo!!! Isn't that amazing? I told my story when I was about 29 weeks prego and two weeks ago I received an email saying that I/Edward had won the mamaRoo! Yay for Edward! It is awesome and Edward loves it!
I have come to remember why I like our town. I have gone more places then just Winco. We have been to the lake every weekend. Let me tell you, that is the reason we love where we are at. It is gorgeous and amazing to be on a floatation device with no cares in the world, if only for two minutes. Those two minutes are heavenly...

Pretty much physical therapy over here sucks. We had an OT appointment yesterday and she seriously just sat there. She hardly asked me any questions about Edward and she was so...just sucky. I think she had it in her mind that she could not do anything for him. I was sooooo frustrated with her that I almost started to cry during the appointment. We are going to try and get into the Guild School. Please pray that we can find amazing therapy for Edward. This first year is soo important. I am feeling very overwhelmed about it. *For the arthrogryposis mom's, how effective would another tendon release be? Are multiple releases helpful or a waste?

I really think God has a sense of humor. I laugh with Him anyways. I wanted to get pregnant Right away because I LOVED the newborn stage so much (well Harvey in general). Now, with Edward, he has been a newborn for months. He is only 8.9 lbs and he is almost four months old! Hahaha. Thank you Jesus? Yes, high-five.
So, I had to have a MRI for Edward when he was still in utero. It was four days before he was born. I was alone and they sat me on the table and wrapped me with blankets. They put ear-plugs in and gave me headphones so I could try and relax. They asked me what station I wanted and I requested a Christian station. The table moves me into the claustrophobic tube and the music starts playing. This song is playing about his wife who is pregnant and the baby was not supposed to make it but does...bla bla bla. I remember I started to cry for like a second but stopped because I was not supposed to move. So I scrambled to fix my mind on something else as this song was playing. I finally had to request another station. I requested a reggae station. hahaa. (If anybody has any idea on what the name of that song could be, please let me know!) I remember driving home and laugh/bawling at the irony of what just happened. Then docs decided that Edward needed to get out now and so I had him four days later.
(Point of the story is that I need help finding the name of the song. I was so focused on not listening to it so I wouldn't cry.)