Monday, April 7, 2014

Where has the time gone?

There is sooo much to catch up on! Time has passed so quickly!
Ok, Edward. Not much has happened. We lost insurance for him last May and because of that, stopped doing therapies. (I was kinda burnt out anyway) Insurance was and is a big stress. Oh, Edward's G-tube came out and we couldn't get it back in so we had to go to the ER to get it back in. It was very traumatic and painful for Edward because his hole closed up so quickly. The doctors and nurses tried expanding the hole by trying to push the tube in. It was an eight hour painful experience for my poor little boy. Edward has really improved his vocal ability. It is sooo....cute/loud/annoying because all I hear all day long is 'mommy' 'mom' 'mommy' 'mom' NONstop all day. He is such a crack-up though. this is the year of, Lord willing, getting him to walk. after having a baby and essentially having another baby, it is really hard to go places and carry two kids, one who doesn't move well. like carrying a heavy awkward board. my back is shot that is for sure. so our first pt appointment was last week. it was good...i knew it would make me sad. it always does. he has lost range of motion in his neck and hips and well everywhere. mainly because that is the nature of his beast. i am determined not to have a wheelchair. everybody keeps mentioning a wheelchair. i can't accept that for him. it is a mental hurdle i have not crossed yet. even though many therapists have suggested it.  so i am determined to make him walk.
Ok So we had an appointment with Edward's spine and pulmonary doctors this last week...did not go so well. turns out his spine is at 60 degrees in traction and his pulmonary doc was/is concerned for his lungs and that he is using one side more dominantly. we had a lung scan last week and from quick glance the radiologist said that it looked normal. so that was good. but they have mentioned doing surgery on his spine in september. and then lengthening the rods every 4-6 moths for growth so we have been tasked with fattening him up. which will be very difficult. his weight has plateaued at about 16 pounds. they also want to clip his abductor muscles in his legs for hygiene and do thumb and ring finger surgery all in the coming year. poooor thing. the past year was doctor free bliss. but i knew it was just a calm before the storm. edward is turning three next week! cant freaking believe it! he is the funniest sweetest boy ever. i adore his personality. such a sweet soul.

fell asleep during a timeout in his room
lake love
always happy
chuckecheese fun
my little redskin
loves his sis
christmas baby

i have posted more videos on vimeo...
Ok, so the last time I posted was when we moved from our first house and I was terribly sickly pregnant, to a house that was uber dark and in a bad neighborhood. A couple days after we had been in the new house our neighbors had a domestic dispute, to put it lightly, and yeah. it made us super uncomfortable and unsettled which we translated into 'get us outa here back to spokane.' So our summer was spent looking for jobs and opportunities in spokane. we found some and pursued them. We even pursued a job in Walla Walla! They flew our family down and Adam interviewed and Thank Jesus he was not offered the job. It would have been very difficult to acclimate to life there. We made multiple trips to Spokane and even looked for houses! I feel madly in-love with my dream house of Spokane. In the middle of the trips (any excuse to get out of our house), we took a vacation to lake Pend Oreille rented a cabin for our family and played in the water! It was soooo wonderful! A dream vacation. After the first day we agreed we needed to book it the second we were able to for next year.
On July 11, my sister flew over to Spokane to be with me as we had our 20 week ultrasound. I was very emotional! As they were checking the anatomy..I just lost it. It was perfect which made me sooo sad for Edward. Why was this one so perfect and Edward not?..Meaning joints and general anatomy. Then they told me i was having a GIRL!! I was soo overjoyed!!! I couldn't believe God was giving me a girl!  We all laughed and cried because H made a funny when they told us a girl. After the appointment, we went shopping and bought her first girl clothes. The rest of my pregnancy was, for the most part, easy. I was uncomfortable and suffered through bad heart burn. Eating was annoying because I always felt sick afterwards, but I love being pregnant so it was all ok. Oh, at about 29-30 weeks i had kidney stones! HORRIBLE...that pain was like no other. So that was a fun little trip to the er. I ended up having baby Christmas night after a long hard labor. I love my baby girl! :)
Our last trip to spokane we interviewed and it went really well..adam had it. But I had a really weird feeling about it. For some reason I felt as if it was not where God wanted us. So adam turned it down and we decided to move to yet another house that was in a better neighborhood. my mom and dad came over and helped us move and paint baby's nursery. I did a lot of sewing for her and a lot of shopping. I obsessed over her nursery, which, i am madly in-love with! I got into knitting!

there is tons more but for now i will be done. I will update more regularly..promise :)

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