Thursday, September 29, 2011


Stress mania. Seriously. The weekend before Edward's surgery, my husband was gone for three nights. Figure no sleep. He comes back Monday night and the boys and I take off Tuesday morning. I met my sweet friend at Ikea. Wait, driving to Seattle with a potty trained boy is, well, exhausting. I had to stop on the side of the road because he yelled, "Pee!!! Momma, pee!!!" Freak. Of course. Trip took a good 5 hours. Back to my sweet friend. She took Harvey for two nights, three days. Jen, thank you sooo very much! The next day was surgery day. I felt very emotional the day of. No sleep and stress will do that. It was just me and Edward. We do all the mumbo-jumbo pre-surgery stuff and they finally took him around 3. I was paged for updates and they told me that nothing is straight forward with Edward and that they will only be able to do his right side hernia and testes drop, because of anesthesia problems. (They were supposed to do his left and right side hernia, testes, and circumcision.) They also had to go through his belly button with a camera to find some stuff tangled in his hernia. I was all alone in the hospital crying. Not cool.
Finally, around eight or nine, I was able to see my baby. I was soo happy and soo enraged all at the same time. You guys should have seen my poor baby. He was poked no less then 15 times. He had bruises all up and down his arms and hands. I was infuriated! I thought I had learned my lesson from Shriner's but I guess not. I told them were they could place the iv. They tried there and many other places. My heart was broken for him. At least he is ok. There are a bag of issues that goes into anesthesia for Edward and I understand, but seeing all those pokes hurt me. After I vented to anesthesia for like 10 minutes, I was in happy bliss just holding him and feeding him. Edward and I stayed the night in the hospital. I have to tell you about the dream I had that night. It was terrible.
This was my dream...When I finally got to see Edward after surgery, the nurses were huddled around him. He was having trouble breathing and he was turning red from lack of oxygen. I start freaking out because I felt like they weren't working fast enough to help him. One nurse had pushed the ambulance button but I ran outside our room to scream for help. I tried screaming with all my might but nothing was coming out. I kept trying and trying to scream for help. No sound was coming out of my mouth. Freak. I hate those dreams. I felt helpless and I woke up thinking/wondering if my dream was real. Bla. Terrible. Thank the Lord that didn't actually happen!
6 pokes one hand..he is totally out of it
In other news, Edward is so cute. He is so smart. He is reaching for his bottle and can hold his bottle and he tries to put it back in his mouth when it goes out. And in pt he is showing signs of rolling! Everybody loves him. But I love him most. And he loves me most! Yaaahahhaahahha!
The other night we watched Soul Surfer. Good movie. Bad acting but good. I cried. You should watch it, and think of Edward. 
Thank you all for your prayers!

holding his bottle 5 months

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  1. He is so cute! I've wanted to tell you that since I came across your blog, but I've been having problems commenting (darn Blogger!). But he is delicious! Glad surgery went well, bummer about not doing everything planned. Hang tough Momma! Stay cute Edward!