Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am not even kidding, at my house, when it rains it pours stupidness. First off, I had to go to the doctor, uninsursured, the other night because my ear was hurting pretty bad. Both my husband and I thought it was an ear infection. Turns out I have a swollen jaw joint. (TMD) I bite my nails allllll the time and 90% of the time unconsciously clench my jaw all day and night. So the stress of my life has finally caught up with me. I realized two things about that trip to the doc. First, I have even more compassion for my sweet baby boy. You do feel really vulnerable sitting up on that bed. Second, I am not handling my life as well as I thought I was. Then our Mac hard drive sucked it up. Of course we didn't have it backed up. Pray I can recover our pictures from it. Tomorrow is/was surgery for Edward. Middle of the fricking summer and he is SICK. Are you kidding me? Nope. I DON'T want to reschedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo annoyed. Everyone in my house is sick. Not a terrible sick just an annoying sick, you know? Can't decide if I should cancel. Pray, anyways, that surgery goes well. In ten minutes we have a lady coming to do an evaluation on Edge. We have to go through bologna again to get good pt/ot/speech therapies for him. Don't get me started on this. Stupid moving. Can't post a pic.

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  1. Oh boy... Just read this. You can't have a nervous break down, you know! Or maybe you could and we could keep each other company in the looney bin.