Sunday, December 16, 2012

My mom showed me this video. It is amazing.

This is my Christmas picture of the boys. You don't understand how precious it is. The amount of work it took for Edward to pull himself up and then lean his head on his brother.


  1. This is such a precious picture. Thank you for sharing, Janessa!

  2. Thank you Amanda! How are you? How is your pregnancy going?

  3. So sweet! I LOVE the light streaming through the background, resting right on the two boys. Perfect!

    My hubby was commenting on my son J dressing up with his sister N, and without thinking he said "he needs a brother." I said, "he HAS a brother (C)!" He responded, "yes, but one that can roll around with him a be tough." Which of course, C, can't.

    This fact was one of the reasons I was sad when we found out C had arthrogryposis. J wouldn't have a rough and tough playmate.

    But he has something else. He has someone who he can give of himself to, and lay down his life for. And hopefully will make him smile too!