Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy New Year! I am very glad to be rid of 2012 and excited for the new year! Edward weighs a fat 14.5 pounds! (down to 14.1 Wednesday) His spine is holding and I don't have any surgeries planned, as of now. (Possible wrist and thumb surgery in a year...maybe) The news on his spine is good. He had a traction xray done and his curve (while being stretched) is 47 degrees. The point of concern is 50, so I need prayers to keep it stable for many years to come! Or at least 6 months.
Edward is talking a lot more and is rather funny. I can't quite tell who he is more like. H acts most  definitely like me. Edward....I can't quite decide. He thinks he is hilarious. He is stubborn and smart as a tack...sounding like me..waaahahaha :) He knows exactly how to work me. My husband thinks it is rather sicking how easily he can get what he wants with me. His feet are holding pretty well. Doc said we have lost about 5 degrees but considering how tight his feet were to begin with, that is pretty good.
Nothing new, really. Wednesday we have another arthrogryposis clinic. (It is Friday now) Allllll. Day. Long. I love my days with my boys. I love watching Downton Abbey and the Bachelor. I am obsessed with fabric and making stuff. I recently started to read again. WHAT?!?? I know. Not a whole lot mind you but enough.
Oh, we have Edward's equipment. Freaking industrial stuff. Unreal how heavy it is. I also can't believe it is in my life but it is. (picture to come)
I can't believe Edward is going to be TWO soon.
bored of the ipad so he napped

rare snow day

attitude with the pants i made him for Christmas

loves of my life!

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  1. I love your blog. Love your transparency. I've enjoyed Edward in the nursery at church for the last few weeks. ( I googled the syndrome and his picture came up, and found your blog ) He's such a joy, thanks for sharing your journey with the world :)